Let's put make up on your house...


Why do you think back in the day they used to say put on your Sunday’s best? Because believe it or not we all judge the book by it’s cover. Beauty does sell! That’s just the TRUTH! So think of your home as you! Your face, your make up, your outfit, your botox!

It’s mid January and I’m enjoying a fresh cup of coffee on my couch, fireplace on, it’s quiet in here cause hubby is traveling and kids are at the movies with grandpa. I realized it’s a perfect “me time” and might as well take this opportunity to give you a few pointers for the next couple of months. Why did I say couple months? Because a BIG % of Michiganders are waiting for the spring to list. Why? Because that’s what everybody does. They wait until Mother’s day when their porches and gardens are full with beautiful flowers to list. I get it, it is beautiful. But guess what else is beautiful? All the other houses that just got listed cause they did the same thing.

If and when I’m ever listing mine it’s not going to be in the spring I can tell you that. WHY would I do it when my competition is greater? I will do it when there is no other homes on the market, like January for example. Yeah, it sucks to move in 2 foot of snow but it’s awesome not having to negotiate price just because there 10 more on the same street just like mine.

But if you are set on not listing until the spring at least start now with preparing… If you are ready now just call me 734-606-0696

Let’s get started!!!

You never get a second chance to make a 1st impression. Go to the front of your house. What is it look like? Under the snow I mean. LOL Just kidding, forget that! You can’t see anything, but:

  • do you gutters needs to be cleaned

  • how about the windows

  • do you have spiderwebs under the overhang

  • does your deck needs to be painted

  • how about the front door? could it use a fresh coat of paint?

  • do you have railings? are they lose?

Ok now that we are done outside, open the front door and what do you see? And let’s not forget about what do you smell? If you smell something we must get read of that smell. People are weirded out by smells.

Again, we have to have that 1st impression constantly on your mind. Your lighting, is it bright? It should be!! So if you have light bulbs that are not bright change them all out. The walls, is the paint job ok? Is it dated paint? If your house is colorful, its dated. The new IT thing is gray walls. $40 can of paint will bring you $4000 on your investment. If color is good, not chipped… Do you have greasy fingerprints everywhere? Let’s wipe it down. When you get to your vents, and I’m not talking about the ones in the floor, I’m talking about the return air vent… Or what it’s called, the one in the wall usually up high. Most homeowners forget about those and a whole family of spiders live in it. Let’s vacuum it out while you are at it and wipe the dust off of it. You can plug in a nice light smell wall plug, but NOT overpowering. We don’t want them to think we are hiding cat smell.

If this wasn’t your house and you just walked in, could you see your stuff in it? If you can’t cause you are so overwhelmed with all of their stuff, that means there is too much of your stuff out. We must put it AWAY! We can put them in the cabinets, if it doesn’t fit get some boxes. You can store the access stuff in the garage nicely stacked at the wall, in the basement is the access space above the garage if you have it. I don’t care if you take it over to your parent’s garage, just get the stuff off the counters, off the top of the cabinets, off the fridge… You got it!

Ok, now back to the walls. Can I imagine my kids in this house or I can’t cause all I can see is your family? Too many family photos? We need to depersonalize it. Some people could fall in love with the house but weirded out about “who lived there before”. So let’s take that all off.

Kitchen… I don’t want to see anything on the counters but a coffee machine and a hand soap. Everything else got to gooooooooooo

Bathrooms - same story! I don’t want to see toothbrushes and hairbrushes and…. Nothing but a hand soap and a hand towel.

Bathroom reminds me… Do you have any pain killers? Hide them!! It might find a new owner! Drugs, and small items like collectables, IPods, IPhones, IWatches… You’re following… Small stuff that are expensive but fit a pocket must be hid. Watches, jewelry, parfumes… Hide all that stuff! I can’t guarantee it’s going to be there when u get home.

Bedrooms… Do you have a nice bed cover? If you don’t you should get one. We can’t take photos with your sheets in it. Night stands shouldn’t have anything on them but a lamp and an alarm clock. Also shoving stuff under the bed does NOT mean “clean room”. Clean windows, windowsills, vacuum floors, vacuum vents, make bed, open curtains….

Basement - if it’s finished same concept applies as if it was your upstairs. If it’s unfinished, just organize it so the buyer can see the “space”.

I’m sure you are curious ok, if I do all this “How much is my house actually worth?” Click this link and you’ll find out: https://gyongyverbethke.exprealty.com/sell.php

Do sellers know?

at desk photo.JPG

Do sellers know?

What is actually going down…

Sometimes we see those homes sitting on the market and thinking “I wonder what’s wrong with it?” when in fact absolutely nothing but a bad agent. This article is not about me bashing other agent, I’m not going to name anyone by name. I just want to build awareness to the fact that just like in any other field of work there are good agents and there are bad agents. So when you decide to hire an agent act like the consumer for a few days.

Make sure you listing is advertised with all the correct data. I know that’s not your job, but out of anyone on this Earth you know that home the best. Agents, will share data from public records but you should look that over and make sure it’s correct.

Then take it one step further and reach out to that agent like if you were a buyer on different avenues and see their responsiveness. Even though most buyers have their own agent, so you would be skipping a step in your ways but at least you would find out how easy is it for someone to actually see your home. The reason I’m recommending this is this… I have some buyers right now that want to see this specific home very bad. I tried scheduling it through ShowingTime (it’s a service we all use to get access codes to homes) they sent me to call listing agent. I called listing agent’s both numbers office and cell multiple times, no answer. I texted the cell number multiple times, no answer. I logged into RealComp to do it good old fashioned way and every single day is blocked out. Meaning the system does NOT allow me to pick a time any day, any time. So as last resort I reached out to the agent via email. I get an “Out of office response”. Granted it is Thanksgiving weekend but in my opinion the world doesn’t stop spinning. If anything the potential buyers will use this long weekend to go house hunting. So I send an email that is not so pleasant to the listing agent cause by this time I am annoyed. Header says something like this… “What is it going to take to get access to show your above listing?” She gets back to me finally after the automated out of office response and says they are working on accepting a lease. This house is listed for sale. Been on the market for over 2 months. So she said she blocked it out thile they are working out the terms and wished me to have a good day. Oh no honey… So I asked, you have it listed for sale. Wouldn’t your sellers prefer to sell it vs rent it? Wouldn’t it be your seller’s best interest to let us in? My clients are VERY interested to buy it. So finally she gives me access. Besides the fact, you just told me your are working on the terms which means there is no agreed upon accepted offer, so technically the home is still on the market and anyone could come in and make a BETTER offer and win. Wouldn’t that be the sellers BEST interest?

My point is I shouldn’t have to go through all this to try to sell this house, If this was your house would you be happy with the way this is going down?

Make sure when you list your home you made good choices. Make sure your home is easily found on every major site. Act like the buyer and see what happens and most importantly how fast. Cause time is MONEY! And if you can’t tell I don’t take it well when someone wastes my precious time. And I really don’t like when my clients get teased, fall in love with a property come to find out it’s not even for sale… Or hold on, it is! 🤯

Sometimes We Need To Get Out Of Our Own Way


Just because we work in Real Estate and know how it works, we assume that the general population knows as well. Then as Realtors, we make decisions based on their opinion. Where am I going with this? Well, most Realtors decide to work with a large brokerage, a big brand name because they assume their clients care about that. Well, do me a favor, send a text or email to your past and present clientele and ask them a simple question: "Who's my broker?". See how many get it right and how many will just assume you are the broker or how many simply don’t care.


From my experiences, people work with you because of YOU and your reputation. Not what brokerage you work for. Most people don’t even know that we as Realtors even work for a brokerage. So, if your clients don’t care why do you? Why are we paying tens of thousands of dollars just to use their name? They giving you leads? An office? Nope. You have to pay for that yourself. I know what you may be thinking “But I get a free office!” Honey, nothing is free nowadays!


Let me ask you something…What’s your desk fee? At eXp Realty, you pay $16,000 at an 80/20 split and then you’re done. Like done-done. Not only are you done, but if you sell an additional 20 transactions, you get all of the $16,000 back in stock. Yes STOCK. Exp Realty is a publicly traded company so there’s your retirement. I don’t know if a single real estate company that gives you stock, or you have options to earn stock for your future.

Since I can speak 3 languages, I love numbers because I don't have to translate them. They are the same in every language. So, when I sat down with Curt and Mark from eXp Realty, they showed me the real numbers. Right away I thought of all the people I absolutely love at KW Advantage and felt like I was cheating on them. But those numbers…they haunted me for weeks.


Mark said something along the lines of "you can't un-see the numbers" and he was right. I realized I needed to put my big girl pants on and make a real business decision based on NUMBERS and nothing else. No feelings, no friendships, no BS. Just numbers and what's best for me, my family and Gogo's Real Estate. When you’re a Realtor, you’re an entrepreneur and you run a business! You are a business owner!!! WHY are you taking friendships or feelings into the decision making? You are in the business of making MONEY not making friends. Trust me, if those people are your real friends, they will ALWAYS be there for you and if they were only nice to you because you cut them a $30,000 (or more) check year after year, well then you didn't lose anything did you?


Even though it’s a decision based on numbers and best interests, you still have to make that phone call to those people and tell them yourself. You can't just send a text or email. It's not cool, it’s not professional and it’s not how you should do business. If you make a decision for yourself and your future, own it! Make that call no matter how hard it is. I'm happy to say that both of my calls went very well.


First, I called the Team Leader at the office since he was the one who recruited me to KW Advantage in the first place. He was the one who won me over from Real Estate One, who I was with for 6 years. He was able to show me few different ways how I can make money besides just chasing that next commission. I switched from REO to KW Advantage, Novi in February of 2018. I loved it there. Such a nice office, such nice people, but it was a good 45 min from my house and from the area I usually work in. So, I moved into my basement to not have to deal with traffic.


The second call I had to make was to the owner of the Novi office. I met her after I hired in and she was such an inspiration, so smart and so successful. Having to part ways with her was a very hard decision. To my surprise, she took it so well and invited me back any time if the grass is not greener on the other side. In order to see how green it is though, you have to take that leap of faith...


So here I am, officially part of eXp Realty. FREE to work from wherever and whenever and to truly be my own boss! The ability to have multiple income sources, recurring/passive income and most importantly to have a plan for retirement because no other real estate company, that I know of, offers that. I totally feel like I grew up in this industry! I feel like I took my cute little LLC and turned it into a corporation.


You may be wondering at this point: “What the heck is eXp Realty?” Well, it’s a cloud based virtual brokerage where agents can become shareholders of the company, keep more of their commissions and have more freedom. It’s a one of a kind company. There are only about 15,000 agents nationwide, along with Canada and Mexico, but we are growing substantially. We have been the fastest growing brokerage ever and I'm happy to be a part of it so early. I believe this is the future of Real Estate. When I got into the industry, the average agent was 63 years old here in Michigan. Now I walk in the office and I'm old at 37. There are a lot of young millennials because making money on your own time is huge in Real Estate. Most millennials don't want a boss breathing down their neck, telling them where they need to be, at what time or what they can or cannot wear. The office setting and typical 9-5 business hours will never work for a millennial. The future of many jobs, including real estate is in the "cloud" or internet based. Sadly, if the old-fashioned brick and mortar Real Estate brokers don't come to their senses and change their ways, they won’t be around for long.


So here are the reasons why I switched:


In January of this year I went to Business Mastery, one of Tony Robbin’s seminars in West Palm Beach, Florida. Five days of intensive classes about all the different aspects of being a business owner/entrepreneur. At this seminar we learned we’re supposed to have at least 7 different sources of income. Yes, I make very good money, but all my eggs were in the same basket and that's scary. So, my goal for this year was to figure out the ways to do just that. eXp Realty helps me with that. They provide 3 out of the 7. I’ll break them down for you.


First, every brokerage will charge you a desk fee. Some are capped some aren't. For example, KW Advantage charged me $18,000 at a 70/30 split, plus a 3% royalty fee capped at $3000. I ended up paying $21,000 a year. eXp Realty charges everyone $16,000 at an 80/20 split. Not only am I saving $5000 every year, but each time I close I keep 10% more. Plus, if I sell 20 more transactions in the same year, I get all $16,000 back in stock.


The second income stream comes from the stock I can get in the company and the dividends I can make from that stock. That’s my retirement. My nest egg.


Lastly, one of the biggest reasons I switched is because at eXp Realty you get rewarded when you help the company grow. If you are familiar with the KW model, this is very similar. The main difference though is between "profit share at KW" vs "revenue share at eXp". The difference is this: for every person you refer to the company you will make 3.5% of their commission every time they close and they pay their 20% to the company, year after year, as long as both of you are with eXp anywhere in this country, Mexico or Canada. You remember that passive/recurring income I was talking about? This is it!!! Tell me you don't know 10 agents somewhere in this country, that if you switched and you told them about eXp that they wouldn't follow you. That's a potential $2800 per person, per year as income to you. They can also refer agents to the company, 7 generations down. Each generation pays you a different percentage but pays you a certain percentage of each of those agent's commission every time they close. I know, it’s crazy.


As for chasing the next commission everything is the same. I am working just as hard to get sellers and buyers to work with Gogo’s Real Estate. None of that is changing. I'm just working smarter not harder. 


Here is a great video you can watch to understand eXp Realty furthermore: 



So my new goal in 2019 is to help as many agents as I possible can to become “rockstars” in this industry. I would love to have you a part of my tribe. Here’s the link where you can join my Nationwide Rockstar Team because you’re convinced this is the future of Real Estate: 




If Eddie Murphy only knew...

Eddie Murphy.jpg

I remember staring at the colored television, cause it was the 1st time I saw a colored TV. That moment was one of many “firsts”. It was 1989, and communism just ended in Romania and we were finally allowed to have access to the western world. We got to watch movies... So here I was staring at the TV cause that was the 1st time I heard a language I didn't know it existed and also the very first time I saw a black person. It was 48 Hrs starring Eddie Murphy. I remember the moment when he was standing in from of that vending machine and said something to Nick Nolte and I hunched over laughing. I thought he was the funniest man alive. I was 8 years old. I remember clearly that being my 1st decision "I want to go where those people are". And yes I said "those" because I never heard and english speaking person before, I never saw life outside of communism and I certainly had no idea anything but white people existed. And before you label me racist, I'm miles from it. What I'm trying to explain here is that Eddie Murphy is the one responsible planting the bug in my 8 year old little heart that "I'm going to America!"


 Years went by before my "American dream" life became a reality. I went through school and high school in Romania, college in Hungary. There in my 2nd year of Agricultural Engineering (that's an other part of my life where I said "no thank you" after I realized you can't check if the cow is pregnant or not in high heels. So I was out) I had to take a high level english exam and I barely spoke the basics. So where else but in America the best to learn english? I had 3 options... It's not as easy to come to America as you think. I had to choose between being au-pair, working on an oil mine in the middle of the ocean, or a cruise. Of course to up my chances I applied to all 3. Thank God I got the au-pair job first cause now looking back I would have probably not have survived the other two. 

 So January 20th of 2013 I touched US soil in New York. 

 Since then I've worked as an au-pair, babysitter, sales rep in a jewelry store, front desk person in an office, shipping and receiving clerk, data entry, restaurant food safety auditor from there I was forced (that's another story) to be a stay at home mom. I did that for about 2 years and my neighbor said to me one day "Gogo, you're so social, you have so many friends, you are a natural salesperson. I think you should be a Realtor. By the time we were having this conversation she already recommended me to a local broker, Real Estate One. But as she said the word "Realtor" I remember what went through my mind LOL "I watch HDTV"!!! How many of you thought the same thing about Real Estate? That it's just as easy as they seem on the "House Hunters" shows?! Yeah, cause you get to dress up and everyone will just find their way to want to work with you; and its glamorous and a camera crew is following you around every day, and you get to show and sell these multi million dollar properties like cupcakes. 

Should I end my Realtor daydream, cause I think that's a whole other blog post. 

 Anyway, moral of my story I'm thankful for Eddie Murphy for making that movie, I'm thankful for his funny personality cause to the day I think he is one of the funniest man alive and if it wasn't for him I may not be here today living my American Dream. (and anyone reading this who can help me through the 6 degrees of separation to help me meet him I will forever be grateful to you!)

If you want to see all this in a quick video format click the link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mdhg8wYLVdU