Do sellers know?

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Do sellers know?

What is actually going down…

Sometimes we see those homes sitting on the market and thinking “I wonder what’s wrong with it?” when in fact absolutely nothing but a bad agent. This article is not about me bashing other agent, I’m not going to name anyone by name. I just want to build awareness to the fact that just like in any other field of work there are good agents and there are bad agents. So when you decide to hire an agent act like the consumer for a few days.

Make sure you listing is advertised with all the correct data. I know that’s not your job, but out of anyone on this Earth you know that home the best. Agents, will share data from public records but you should look that over and make sure it’s correct.

Then take it one step further and reach out to that agent like if you were a buyer on different avenues and see their responsiveness. Even though most buyers have their own agent, so you would be skipping a step in your ways but at least you would find out how easy is it for someone to actually see your home. The reason I’m recommending this is this… I have some buyers right now that want to see this specific home very bad. I tried scheduling it through ShowingTime (it’s a service we all use to get access codes to homes) they sent me to call listing agent. I called listing agent’s both numbers office and cell multiple times, no answer. I texted the cell number multiple times, no answer. I logged into RealComp to do it good old fashioned way and every single day is blocked out. Meaning the system does NOT allow me to pick a time any day, any time. So as last resort I reached out to the agent via email. I get an “Out of office response”. Granted it is Thanksgiving weekend but in my opinion the world doesn’t stop spinning. If anything the potential buyers will use this long weekend to go house hunting. So I send an email that is not so pleasant to the listing agent cause by this time I am annoyed. Header says something like this… “What is it going to take to get access to show your above listing?” She gets back to me finally after the automated out of office response and says they are working on accepting a lease. This house is listed for sale. Been on the market for over 2 months. So she said she blocked it out thile they are working out the terms and wished me to have a good day. Oh no honey… So I asked, you have it listed for sale. Wouldn’t your sellers prefer to sell it vs rent it? Wouldn’t it be your seller’s best interest to let us in? My clients are VERY interested to buy it. So finally she gives me access. Besides the fact, you just told me your are working on the terms which means there is no agreed upon accepted offer, so technically the home is still on the market and anyone could come in and make a BETTER offer and win. Wouldn’t that be the sellers BEST interest?

My point is I shouldn’t have to go through all this to try to sell this house, If this was your house would you be happy with the way this is going down?

Make sure when you list your home you made good choices. Make sure your home is easily found on every major site. Act like the buyer and see what happens and most importantly how fast. Cause time is MONEY! And if you can’t tell I don’t take it well when someone wastes my precious time. And I really don’t like when my clients get teased, fall in love with a property come to find out it’s not even for sale… Or hold on, it is! 🤯