Let's put make up on your house...


Why do you think back in the day they used to say put on your Sunday’s best? Because believe it or not we all judge the book by it’s cover. Beauty does sell! That’s just the TRUTH! So think of your home as you! Your face, your make up, your outfit, your botox!

It’s mid January and I’m enjoying a fresh cup of coffee on my couch, fireplace on, it’s quiet in here cause hubby is traveling and kids are at the movies with grandpa. I realized it’s a perfect “me time” and might as well take this opportunity to give you a few pointers for the next couple of months. Why did I say couple months? Because a BIG % of Michiganders are waiting for the spring to list. Why? Because that’s what everybody does. They wait until Mother’s day when their porches and gardens are full with beautiful flowers to list. I get it, it is beautiful. But guess what else is beautiful? All the other houses that just got listed cause they did the same thing.

If and when I’m ever listing mine it’s not going to be in the spring I can tell you that. WHY would I do it when my competition is greater? I will do it when there is no other homes on the market, like January for example. Yeah, it sucks to move in 2 foot of snow but it’s awesome not having to negotiate price just because there 10 more on the same street just like mine.

But if you are set on not listing until the spring at least start now with preparing… If you are ready now just call me 734-606-0696

Let’s get started!!!

You never get a second chance to make a 1st impression. Go to the front of your house. What is it look like? Under the snow I mean. LOL Just kidding, forget that! You can’t see anything, but:

  • do you gutters needs to be cleaned

  • how about the windows

  • do you have spiderwebs under the overhang

  • does your deck needs to be painted

  • how about the front door? could it use a fresh coat of paint?

  • do you have railings? are they lose?

Ok now that we are done outside, open the front door and what do you see? And let’s not forget about what do you smell? If you smell something we must get read of that smell. People are weirded out by smells.

Again, we have to have that 1st impression constantly on your mind. Your lighting, is it bright? It should be!! So if you have light bulbs that are not bright change them all out. The walls, is the paint job ok? Is it dated paint? If your house is colorful, its dated. The new IT thing is gray walls. $40 can of paint will bring you $4000 on your investment. If color is good, not chipped… Do you have greasy fingerprints everywhere? Let’s wipe it down. When you get to your vents, and I’m not talking about the ones in the floor, I’m talking about the return air vent… Or what it’s called, the one in the wall usually up high. Most homeowners forget about those and a whole family of spiders live in it. Let’s vacuum it out while you are at it and wipe the dust off of it. You can plug in a nice light smell wall plug, but NOT overpowering. We don’t want them to think we are hiding cat smell.

If this wasn’t your house and you just walked in, could you see your stuff in it? If you can’t cause you are so overwhelmed with all of their stuff, that means there is too much of your stuff out. We must put it AWAY! We can put them in the cabinets, if it doesn’t fit get some boxes. You can store the access stuff in the garage nicely stacked at the wall, in the basement is the access space above the garage if you have it. I don’t care if you take it over to your parent’s garage, just get the stuff off the counters, off the top of the cabinets, off the fridge… You got it!

Ok, now back to the walls. Can I imagine my kids in this house or I can’t cause all I can see is your family? Too many family photos? We need to depersonalize it. Some people could fall in love with the house but weirded out about “who lived there before”. So let’s take that all off.

Kitchen… I don’t want to see anything on the counters but a coffee machine and a hand soap. Everything else got to gooooooooooo

Bathrooms - same story! I don’t want to see toothbrushes and hairbrushes and…. Nothing but a hand soap and a hand towel.

Bathroom reminds me… Do you have any pain killers? Hide them!! It might find a new owner! Drugs, and small items like collectables, IPods, IPhones, IWatches… You’re following… Small stuff that are expensive but fit a pocket must be hid. Watches, jewelry, parfumes… Hide all that stuff! I can’t guarantee it’s going to be there when u get home.

Bedrooms… Do you have a nice bed cover? If you don’t you should get one. We can’t take photos with your sheets in it. Night stands shouldn’t have anything on them but a lamp and an alarm clock. Also shoving stuff under the bed does NOT mean “clean room”. Clean windows, windowsills, vacuum floors, vacuum vents, make bed, open curtains….

Basement - if it’s finished same concept applies as if it was your upstairs. If it’s unfinished, just organize it so the buyer can see the “space”.

I’m sure you are curious ok, if I do all this “How much is my house actually worth?” Click this link and you’ll find out: https://gyongyverbethke.exprealty.com/sell.php